Infographic: Achieving Total Customer Care Using CRM and Omni-Channel Contact


Two questions, one answer.
Do you want to get more value out of your CRM system?
Do you want to get more value out of your Contact Center solutions?

If the answer to either question is “yes” then integrate the two systems and you’ll get more value out of both.

Think about it.  What’s the value of your CRM system if you’re not using it to improve customer experiences?  And how can you maximize each and every customer experience if those interactions are not informed by the full relationship and interaction history of the customer?

Recent studies have shown tremendous business impact from these type of integrations.  According to Aberdeen, companies that have a CRM and Contact Center integration strategy enjoy significantly better results in both customer centric and operational metrics.  If you want better customer retention, higher life-time value of customers, improved customer satisfaction or if you want to reduce handle times, improve first call resolution and optimize performance of your customer care teams, then make this integration happen.

Discover what’s possible when your customer relationship management system meets your interaction management system.

CRM Total Customer Care Infographic