Infographic: 5 Ways Mobile is “Taking Off” for Travel and Hospitality


Travelers want to engage with businesses through their mobile devices, and hospitality vendors need to offer more than just mobile booking. Digital channels such as SMS customer service, web chat, and Messenger offer new ways for hoteliers to engage with travelers throughout their entire trip—from booking to departure—while allowing customers to determine how they want to interact throughout their journey.

Mobile self-service solutions enable customers to bypass long lines at the front desk and get things done on their own such as checking-in, ordering room service, contacting the valet and getting assistance from housekeeping all from the comfort of their room or while they’re on the go. Plus, self-service solutions help hoteliers just as much as guests by reducing an influx of calls to the concierge and live staff. They can also help gather interaction data for a better understanding of guests’ behaviors and preferences leading to better service and increased cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

Learn more about travel and hospitality solutions, and check out the infographic below!

travel hospitality mobile customer care infographic