In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb? Not in Aspect’s Case


The announcement of a strategic alliance with LiveVox on March 25, 2014, capped a busy month of market activity and product announcements from Aspect.  Besides the LiveVox announcement, Aspect also introduced both Aspect Workforce Optimization 8.0 and Aspect Mentor real-time speech analytics on March 13.  Considering where Aspect has come from over the past couple of years, March was an extraordinary month for Aspect.

Aspect is one of the most remarkable comeback stories to emerge from the contact center industry in the last decade.  Two years ago Aspect was a company that had, in my opinion, mistaken the company acquisition banquet table for a smorgasbord and had overindulged a bit.  As a result, Aspect was hampered an aging product line that seemed to be suffering from neglect and a management team that was stitched together from the patchwork of acquisitions that characterized Aspect’s recent history.

All that changed in 2012 when Aspect’s private investors, Golden Gate Capital, brought in a new management team and the resulting company transition has been nothing short of remarkable.  The product announcements made by Aspect this past month are further testament to the forward momentum Aspect has achieved since that time.

Aspect Workforce Optimization 8.0 brings a state-of-the-art user interface that ties together all the WFO components into a comprehensive, intuitive, graphical presentation that eliminates any technological barriers that existed between the user and the WFO system.  Whether deployed on the customer’s premises or in the cloud the user friendliness of the interface is the same.

The net result of Aspect Workforce Optimization 8.0 is a customizable, highly intuitive interface that enables rapid access to information regardless of the web browser or device being used whether desktop, laptop or mobile.  These capabilities also extend to the back office, further optimizing business process in back office operations.

In the world of contact center analytics, real-time capabilities are becoming critical to success and Aspect Mentor answers that need with the ability to monitor voice conversations as they are in progress, providing guidance notifications and real-time alerts to both supervisors and agents.  Gone are the days of discovering barriers to customer satisfaction and first call resolution by reviewing sample calls after the fact.  Aspect Mentor also captures agent omissions of key words and phrases required to meet compliance mandates and can correct those omissions via agent and supervisor alerts before the call is terminated.  Legal issues are addressed before they can become potential problems for the contact center.

Utilizing the real-time monitoring capabilities offered by Aspect Mentor, contact center supervisors are able to more accurately identify agents that need additional coaching.  The ability to assess all calls in real-time eliminates the possibility of missing the opportunity to evaluate problem calls that may be missed during the typical random call evaluation process.  The net result is a better trained agent with a higher degree of job satisfaction.

Aspect is moving aggressively into the contact center cloud as indicated by the recent introduction of Aspect ZipWire.  This move into the cloud has now been expanded via a strategic alliance with cloud business process outsourcer (BPO) LiveVox.  LiveVox brings to the party a highly-scalable suite of cloud-based contact center solutions and services which will be further enhanced by integration with Aspect’s Workforce Optimization 8.0 solution and Aspect’s self-service suite.

Among the many benefits of this strategic alliance will be an entrée into the global cloud-based BPO market for Aspect.  LiveVox will benefit from this arrangement by leveraging Aspect’s global reach and resources, not to mention potential cross-sales opportunities.

The strategic product and market moves undertaken by Aspect management over the past two years are impressive.  The company’s activities during the past month offer assurance that Aspect is a well-managed organization that, despite its size and considerable market presence, is able to quickly recognize and act upon market opportunities as they arise.  Aspect is once again a company on the move, and this time the movement is unquestionably in the right direction.

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