Improving the Contact Center Agent Experience – On the Job


Your organization relies on contact center agents to engage customers with positive, helpful and accurate customer service. In order to provide that level of support, agents are generally required to go through rigorous training when they’re hired. Unfortunately, many contact centers don’t conduct ongoing training for agents once they’ve gone through their introductory sessions. As a result, agents may fall into bad habits or fail to adapt as the demands of the contact center change. Often, agents can be frustrated with their own performance, feel they are being forgotten and eventually seek employment elsewhere. Improving the Contact Center Agent Experience - On the Job

For the sake of your agents—not to mention your customers—take advantage of contact center WFO solutions that provide strong coaching and eLearning features. With proper coaching and training, your agents will become more adept at addressing challenging inquiries, increase their sense of engagement and empowerment as well as develop a more positive outlook about their role in your contact center.  Consider the following tips on coaching and training:

Locate productivity and quality bottlenecks with analytics: If your agents don’t know where their performance falls short, they won’t be able to improve. Implementing Aspect EQ Speech Analytics will convert unstructured voice data into actionable insights based on the voice patterns, periods of silence and key words or phrases spoken by agents and customers. When combined with Aspect EQ Quality Monitoring and Aspect EQ Performance Management, you will quickly understand when agents are not performing across a wide range of metrics and sources (customer, mentor and agent). You also might want to incorporate information from Aspect EQ Desktop Analytics to monitor agent idle time, time on task, bottlenecks and compliance. Information from the agent desktop is a gold mine of insights into the psyche and performance of the agent and will allow you to quickly determine the coaching or additional training required.

Create a path for success with automated agent coaching: Coaching is really just targeted training initiated by observance of an undesirable behavior or poor performance score. With an effective performance management and coaching system in place, such as Aspect EQ Coaching, the coaching process can be largely automated. When performance falls below a predetermined level, the appropriate coaching module is automatically assigned to the agent. Although there are certainly many circumstances when the personal judgement of supervisors initiates coaching, automated coaching takes the personal element out of the directive, and agents tend to be less resentful of the mandated training.

Provide ongoing education with E-Learning courses: A contact center agent’s training is never complete. New products, services, campaigns, promotions, communications channels and best practices are frequently being rolled out, and agents need to be able to adapt quickly. Offering well designed E-Learning courses, such as available in Aspect EQ E-Learning, will allow your agents – even work-at-home agents – to continue educating themselves so they never feel like they’re falling behind.

Use gamification as a learning incentive: Make learning fun. When the objective of the learning is to make the agent a better player of a game, that changes the whole dynamic and interest level of the student. Use gamification tools such as Aspect EQ Gamification’s badging and leaderboards to highlight proficiency, stimulate friendly competition and create an environment where learning is a natural part of playing the game.

Legendary Green Bay Packers coach Vince Lombardi said “Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.” You need robust coaching and eLearning tools to achieve and maintain high quality customer interactions.  If you notice your quality scores flagging or agents unable to grasp key concepts, it may be time to send them back to school.  That’s where Aspect comes in. See how Aspect workforce optimization solutions can transform your workplace and agent experience.

Robert Moore