Improving Patient Experience is a Hard Pill for Healthcare to Swallow


Healthcare has been hit hard by policy, technology and regulatory changes.  Compounding these industry upheavals, patient expectations have grown exponentially – and, for the most part, have not been met by current healthcare practices, especially when it comes to effective communication with various patient populations.

Healthcare executives understand that change is needed but have struggled with technology adoption. In a 2014 survey of customer service executives, 67% of healthcare executives agree that the role of customer service will change more in the next two years than in the last ten. Yet, of all the industries surveyed healthcare is least likely to agree that they are developing new applications, features and processes to cater to different generations of customers. And considering Millennials, more than any other generation (77%), think that customer service should be available in a wide variety of communication styles (10 points higher than Baby Boomers), omni-channel adoption is a necessity for successfully engaging such critical populations especially in light of the Affordable Care Act.


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