Improve Customer Loyalty with Intelligent Outbound Strategies


72% of customers will pay more for an exceptional customer experience. The problem is few companies have a plan to drive customer loyalty

There are some easy strategies you can implement to help your customers feel the love. For example, stay out in front of them.  

Giving customers critical information on their preferred channel increases their satisfaction, helps recover debt and improves sales revenue. Companies who are differentiating outreach strategies by applying customer preferences when it’s most critical are creating a positive impact on their customers’ loyalty.  In fact, the most advanced proactive outreach strategies anticipate the needs of customers and provide personalized service experiences.  

Another strategy companies should consider is moving beyond one-way notifications and offer two-way conversations instead. These conversations allow customers to check order status, make payments and reschedule appointments.  This application of self-service creates convenience with 24×7 availability and offsets costly inbound calls.  

Additionally, organizations are standing out from the crowd by anticipating their customers’ needs. By helping customers before problems arise helps to exceed expectations with personalized communications based on recent purchases or events. It’s a great way to improve customer loyalty. In fact, 59% of consumers say tailored engagement based on previous interactions is very important to winning their business.  

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