How to Build a Customer-Centric Culture in Your Contact Center


Kathleen Schroeder, Sr. Product Marketing SpecialistWhy would a focus on employee empowerment actually help turn your company into the customer-centric enterprise that drives results?

During our recent webinar at the Virtual Contact Center Conference, we answered just that question. Ours was only one of many fascinating presentations from industry experts and a wide range of professionals in different fields and areas of expertise. Overall, the conference was an enlightening discussion on the opportunities we all have ahead of us for optimizing every customer contact.

Our presentation, Empowerment without Compromise: Building a Working Customer-Centric Culture in the Contact Center, specifically focused on employee empowerment as a means to those optimized customer contacts. (If you weren’t able to attend live, you can watch the replay now online.) Contact centers often face the same challenges—overmanaged agents and overworked supervisors—that lead to high employee turnover and low work quality. This turnover rate can lead to significant costs for an employer, running anywhere from 25-250% of a position’s annual salary.

Instead of increasing demands, we challenge you to implement systems that empower your employees.

Workforce optimization technologies provide a foundation for agents that allow flexible work-at-home options, scheduling control, targeted learning and coaching opportunities, and a greater sense of teamwork. The technology foundation is made up of a few key components, including:

  • Self-service scheduling and flexible schedule trading
  • Common business rules for schedule modification and training
  • Holistically charted personal and team performance statistics

An empowered workforce is one that is more engaged, motivated, and productive. A culture of empowerment can also go a long way in creating a compelling reason for your agents to stay on the team.

The truth is in the numbers. When Alaska Airlines implemented these changes, they saw a 4.9% gain in productivity.

Alaska Airlines then had the capacity to hire 12 extra full-time employees that handled an additional 9 calls a day. The company also realized a significant cost savings in decreased real estate space—50% at one location!

Do you have a success story to share about empowering your workforce? Tell us about it in the comments!

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Kathleen Schroeder, Product Marketing Specialist, has over 25 years’ experience representing the voice of the customer through global event presentations, webinars and integrated multi-national campaigns for numerous verticals ranging from education to transportation and tourism to telecommunications. As a member of Aspect’s Product Marketing team, Kathleen creates customer-facing programs and content to bring the value of next generation customer contact solutions to various market segments, while developing global customer initiatives, helping to launch new analytical solutions, and helping our customers deliver on the promise of excellent customer service.  

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