How Proactive, Omni-Channel Care Improves Collection Rates


Forty-three percent (43%) of consumers say having multiple billing and payment options improves satisfaction with their biller. (Fiserv, Inc.) When those options are seamlessly managed across different channels in a way that presents your business as a single, customer-focused entity, your chance of successfully collecting a debt increases significantly.

Most consumers would not immediately associate debt collection with positive customer experiences. However, managing collections activities through an omni-channel approach that empowers consumers and provides multiple ways to pay can in fact leave consumers with a very favorable impression of your business. The ideal positive outcome for a collections contact center is 1) securing payment on a debt while 2) providing impressive, above-and-beyond service that results in high satisfaction ratings.

A key capability of an omni-channel contact center is proactive engagement. Enabling customers to choose to be notified through outbound messages regarding upcoming payments and past due accounts has the potential to greatly reduce delinquencies. Fifty-six percent (56%) of smartphone users would be more encouraged make a payment via a mobile phone if it was as simple as paying with a single click. (Focus Financial Services white paper, by Oxygen.) Providing an automated bi-directional communication channel,  customers can submit payments immediately, increasing payment rates and improving contact center efficiency.

Consider that your contact center’s arsenal of collection tools should:

  • Use a locally relevant telephone number to encourage connection
  • Support compliant and secure collection of payment details over the phone
  • Have a deep understanding of debt collection know-how within numerous sectors
  • Provide a consistent message across all channels including outbound IVR, email and SMS

Effective collections campaigns should provide customers with the information they need, when they need it, while remaining flexible enough to go beyond voice and allow customers to respond in the channel of their choice and switch between channels as a part of one seamless conversation.

Never miss an opportunity to impress a customer with outstanding service. The positive brand equity from each encounter will continue paying you back long after the original debt has been collected.

Chris O'Brien