How Optimizing Patient Data Can Lead to Better Healthcare Experiences


Healthcare providers must keep looking for new ways to help patients better manage their health and empower staff. To meet these goals, providers need to optimize the data exchange between multiple systems such as EHR (Electronic Health Record) and contact center platforms.

Personalized Data-Driven Patient Engagement

Aspect’s integration with Epic enables providers to deliver all the relevant information needed for personalized patient interactions. Aspect’s omni-channel contact center solutions provide the ability to engage with patients through multiple channels including voice, chat, email and messaging with intelligent cross-channel routing, regardless of whether the interaction is agent assisted or self-service.

Help Patients Take Care of Themselves and Eliminate Disparate Systems

Integrating mobile omni-channel self-service and staff management solutions with EHR solutions will improve the patient journey and provider-patient relationship every step of the way — from scheduling appointments and coordinating care, to follow up.

Send patients automated SMS, email, and voice reminders when appointments are booked so they can confirm, cancel, or request a reschedule all within the same interaction—so patients don’t miss appointments and take care of themselves outside of the facility. Additionally, with Aspect’s integration with Epic, changes and updates post back to the Cadence module which closes the patient-staff communication loop, eliminating disparate systems and optimizing efficiency.

Increase and Optimize the Handling of Inbound Inquires

In today’s world, patient expectations are high and their patience is low, so providers and staff must be prepared to handle inquires quickly and accurately regardless of their urgency. Aspect’s integration with Epic enables a screen-pop which displays patient records and past interactions to the staff member prior to any inbound interaction: including voice, SMS and chat.

By integrating omni-channel solutions with EHR systems healthcare organizations will increase satisfaction and retention by providing communication touch points that address patient preferences and make access to information faster and more convenient. Delivering a cohesive service experience across multiple channels helps providers enhance the quality of care and improve the overall patient experience.