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Since 1987, Stefanini has been a global provider of IT services. The company has grown over the past 30 years, with locations in 39 countries across four continents. Stefanini provides its global customer base with application development, help desk support, systems integration, consulting and strategic IT staffing to Fortune 1000 enterprises.

But even technical support needs support sometimes. Stefanani_blog

In order to meet the needs of its growing customer base, Stefanini requires thousands of agents in facilities around the world. It is also in operation 24/7/365. And if being equipped to respond to inquiries in over 35 languages wasn’t difficult enough, customers are now seeking to communicate via new channels: email, web chat, instant message, and social media, to name a few.

While the organization did its best to handle incoming customer inquiries, in many cases agents in one office would become overwhelmed while coworkers in other branches sat idle. Making a big change to internal operations in their current state would mean taking the service center offline to make updates. But as a help desk that is available 24/7/365, going offline could be catastrophic for business.

Stefanini needed a solution that would meet the needs of customers without incurring network or agent downtime. It needed a way to prioritize voice over other channels. The solution also needed to conserve bandwidth so Stefanini could continue to run its global voice network in a cost-effective way.

That’s when Stefanini reached out to Aspect.

The latest version of Aspect Unified IP met all of Stefanini’s requirements. With this solution, Stefanini was able to leverage multimedia blending capabilities that allow agents to carry on multiple customer interactions from the same workstation, while ensuring that voice inquiries can be answered right away thanks to a global queue that prioritizes incoming calls as needed.

The transition to UIP was seamless. Despite its having globally dispersed contact center locations, the company has encountered very limited issues with distance and latency. And users are pleased with the upgraded agent desktop interface. Moreover, the new desktop application has integrated easily with customer networks, where agents work onsite at customer facilities or remote locations such as at-home agents, as well as on desktops with customer desktop loads working at Stefanini locations. And because Unified IP supports multichannel interactions through a single software platform, that means there’s less agent downtime than ever before. Currently, only 1000 agents are needed to manage offices based in North America and Europe, both of which are tied together with a single administrative control tool.

By taking advantage of Aspect’s contact center solutions, Stefanini was able to adapt its entire organization to become more adept at meeting the changing needs of customers and optimizing personnel—all without incurring disruptive network downtime or a huge outlay of capital.

When you reach out to a contact center, you know you’ll get the customer support you need. But even contact centers need support too.