Four for Friday: Customer Service Stories You Need to Read


We made it to Friday and there has been a lot happening in the customer service world these past few weeks. Below are our four customer service stories you shouldn’t miss. From customer service blunders to successes we are covering it all below, happy reading!

Is Customer Service Dead?

Warning: This article may make you want to book the next flight out to Hawaii.

Hawaii is a beautiful destination and it sounds like they are killing the customer service game too (in a good way). While some panic that AI and the internet are ruining brick and motor stores and taking away jobs, many Hawaiian stores are seeing it as a new opportunity. Banks and retail spots see it as a chance to evolve their customer experience by providing superior in-store customer service like walking a customer to their car and helping them with their boxes. This is a great read to see how companies are handling in-store customer service!

New Report: Which Cell Phone Provider Has the Best Customer Service

When choosing a cell phone provider there are many factors to consider and customer service is just one of them. This report breaks down which provider has the best customer service and which have the worst. What’s the most important factor for you when considering a new cell phone provider?

A Passenger Says That He Told a Flight Attendant Her Job was Customer Service and it Cost Him $10,000

Do all jobs have a small percent of responsibilities that could be classified as customer service? Or are the only customer service careers the ones that are clearly in a customer service setting? This Inc. article breaks down the argument between an airline passenger, who claimed the attendant’s job was customer service, and the attendant, who said her job is safety not customer service. Ultimately, the passenger was booted from the plane and claims the whole situation cost him around 10k, not an argument worth making IMO.

The story is hearsay, but it brings up an interesting argument of what makes up a customer service job?

Seattle Energy Company Sends Racial Slur to Customer as Temporary Password

I’m sure just from the headline, you already know what this article is about.  But, how does a company recover from a customer service blunder like this? I think Puget Sound Energy did just about as good as they could have, they issued an apology for the mishap which they said was a computer-generated mistake and they are changing their temporary password requirements moving forward to ensure that it cannot happen again. You can’t always avoid big customer service gaffes like this, but it is possible to recover.

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