Finding a Qualified Support Partner for Microsoft Lync


Mike Butts, Senior Marketing ManagerHello again.

Let’s talk Microsoft Lync.

Microsoft Lync adoption rates continue to grow rapidly and there are three very interesting market dynamics that are important to understand whether have deployed or are considering deploying unified communications in your organization.

Let’s take a quick glance at the three dynamics that I picked up while listening to a recent Microsoft presentation:

1. A rapidly changing voice infrastructure market. Analysts estimate that 150 million business voice lines will be upgraded or replaced within the next three years and millions of these lines are on end-of-life platforms and must migrate to a new platform.

2. Microsoft Lync continues to garner strong market share and momentum. 

  1. Microsoft Lync is ahead of traditional UC providers such as Siemens, Cisco and Avaya on Gartner’s latest Magic Quadrant for unified communications vendors.
  2. There are tens of millions of customer end users covered by Microsoft licensing who have rights to Microsoft voice.
  3. Seventy percent of the Fortune 500 companies use Lync.
    Microsoft Lync has 3 million telephony users representing a 250% growth rate (this year).
  4. Try it you’ll like it. Eighty six (86) percent of all US enterprises who trial Lync voice plan to deploy.
  5. Some of Microsoft’s largest voice deployments are at Sprint (39,000 voice users), Western Kentucky University (33,000 voice users) and Shell Oil (25,000 voice users). Lesson learned? Enterprises small, medium and large are not afraid to replace their PBX infrastructure in favor of Lync voice.

3. Enterprises want to buy support maintenance for their Microsoft Lync voice solutions. Microsoft is finding that businesses of all sizes buy some form of support and maintenance agreements for their enterprise Lync voice deployments. Pending business requirements, most organizations are paying up to $100 per workstation for support.

Let’s spend a few moments exploring this last bullet point. I suppose that most internal IT departments that implement Microsoft Lync voice feel like they do not have the expertise and/or experience to troubleshoot critical problems since Lync is still a relatively new technology. And they want peace of mind knowing that they can quickly turn to an experienced set of engineers and Lync experts who can quickly resolve their issues since voice is obviously mission critical.

Microsoft, in conjunction with a select of number of Lync partners, is now offering a new support model for enterprises that need support for Lync deployments. This new support model provides end customers with a single point of contact for voice support along with all other Lync workloads . Qualified partners undergo a rigorous qualification and testing process and they have priority escalation access to Microsoft engineers once they are certified as a Lync support partner.

I am happy to report that Microsoft recruited Aspect to be a preferred Lync support partner and that we have successfully passed the qualification process. In reality it’s a no-brainer for Aspect to take on Lync support considering we are one of Microsoft’s leading Lync deployment partners both in the contact center and across the enterprise.

Aspect is unique in that we can offer a customer one place to call for all Lync and contact center related issues.

Aspect has also been living and breathing Microsoft unified communications since 2009 when we first implemented this technology in our organization. Since then Aspect has ripped out 16 PBXs in favor of Microsoft Lync and all of our nearly 2,000 employees in 20+ countries rely on Lync as their primary communications and collaboration tool. Speaking from my own personal experience; our Lync deployment is flawless and extremely reliable. I feel highly comfortable recommending our team of Lync experts to support your Lync environment.

Aspect’s Lync support offering, Aspect Premier Support for Microsoft Lync, protects and maximizes the value of your Lync investment by offering unparalleled insight that is strengthened by a strategic global alliance with Microsoft and nearly 40 years of experience trouble shooting complex voice solutions.

Give us a call if you need help optimizing your Lync deployment.

Till next time.