Fake Restaurant Rated London’s Best—A Social Media Cautionary Tale


Savvy business leaders understand that in a digital age driven by customer experience, the contact center is the engine of success today. They also understand that the contact center’s responsibility has shifted from a relatively one-dimensional relationship with customers to an infinitely more complex omni-channel dynamic, which is being played out on social media at an ever-accelerating pace.

Nonetheless, some organizations still fail to recognize the true capabilities of social media. One comment, or lack thereof, could have repercussions which you’d never imagine.

For evidence, you need look no further than The Shed—TripAdvisor’s top rated restaurant in all of the great city of London. At a glance, the restaurant appears to be both intimate and exclusive, making it a hot spot for a discerning foodie. But The Shed was much more—or less—than it appeared.

In fact, TripAdvisor’s top-rated restaurant in London was not The Shed. Rather, it was just a shed.

The shed belonged to journalist Oobah Butler, who in years past once made a living writing fake reviews on the site to boost business sales. By snapping a few pictures and getting a few friends to leave fake reviews, it took only a few months for the secretive restaurant to induce significant buzz on its way to claiming the top spot on TripAdvisor.

While funny in its own right, there’s a clear moral to this story. A strong and consistent presence on social media can have an immediate, significant impact on your organization. Whether it’s generating buzz around a new promotion or establishing a rock solid reputation, you don’t necessarily need millions of dollars to invest in your social strategy. All you need is the right people, and tools, to harness the power and use it effectively.

If a fake business can become London’s top rated restaurant, think about what your real business can do with cutting edge contact center solutions.