Facebook Isn’t The Key To Social Business; Connecting It to the Enterprise Is


Michael Sheridan, Executive VP, Worldwide SalesLast week, The Brainyard published an article on the social business impact of the Facebook IPO.  The question was raised if the event would bring awareness and credibility to business social networking. The article’s author Debra Donston-Miller also asked if the IPO will put an end to the hesitancy some business have to fully invest in a social presence.  She points out that many companies are either currently using or evaluating social platforms in order to improve their customer and overall communications effectiveness.Connecting to Facebook

More consumers are using Facebook, Twitter and other social sites to engage with the companies they give their business to so it stands to reason that those same companies would develop strategies to address the growing trend.

But while the Facebook IPO will bring even more confidence to social media startup investment, as an event I’m not sure that it will do much to boost the value perception of social in business. Like its cousin, Unified Communications a few years ago, is “collaboration” currently too nebulous or is it technology in search of a business problem?

Perhaps when organizations can connect their customer experience efforts on social with their existing order status, customer service and technical support platforms then they’ll see the potential of collaboration in and out of the enterprise. They know more and more that their customers are engaging with them on social platforms.  I agree that companies need more than just social engagement tools, they need integrated solutions. Collaborative solutions that bring the visibility and analytics of social with existing customer experience platforms into a single view represent a real quantifiable opportunity.