Exploring Omni-Channel Customer Service


Creating an omni-channel customer experience that actually meets your customers’ desires is more involved than haphazardly adding new communication channels to your contact center as soon as they pop up. We’ve long discussed the consumer demand for an omni-channel customer experience, being able to contact customer service on one channel and seamlessly switch to another, yet there are components that are still left in silos (see ‘Why Mobile Isn’t a Channel’ post), concerns over the cost, or simply forgetting self-service altogether. Take a look at our recent omni-channel blogs to see the latest best practices in the contact center, there’s even an example of a company who nailed omni-channel customer service.

Why “Mobile” Isn’t a Channel

While many vendors in the customer engagements industry look at mobile as a communications channel for customers, most consumers do not. A convincing and appealing mobile customer experience must leverage all channels available on a mobile device so it is misleading to consider “mobile” a channel… [READ MORE]

Frost & Sullivan Interview: Trends in IVR Technology for Automated Customer Care

Keeping pace with trends in customer experience is no easy task. Customers want automation and self-service that makes their lives easier, but they also want a personalized experience. These demands aren’t as contradictory as they might seem. I recently talked in-depth in an interview with Frost & Sullivan about trends in automated customer care, including many of the ways IVR technology is allowing us to deliver the kind of automated customer care… [READ MORE]

Aspect Unified IP 7.3: A Contact Center Even Your CFO Will Love

In an era where consumers look at many products and services without distinction, high-touch customer service is being viewed by many companies as a way to differentiate themselves from their competition. But providing a consistent omni-channel customer experience, where consumers can start a conversation on one channel and continue it on another… [READ MORE]

The Way to A Customer’s Heart is Through Obsession [CASE STUDY]

App-crazy consumers are very adept at managing several communication modes at one time. Whether it’s on the web or on the phone, texting or talking, people today are immersed in data and have grown to expect immediate, always-on access to these channels for gathering, sharing, and verifying information. For brands, this means that interaction consistency and agent skill alignment in all operations is vital to building and sustaining exceptional customer experiences… [READ MORE]

Sweet! Contact Center Technologies that Drive Success [Infographic]

Find out how next-generation customer relationship management, agent desktop optimization and omni-channel customer experience management can make a difference in your contact center, and to your company’s bottom line! Take a look at the infographic below… [READ MORE]

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