Eight Benchmarks for Back Office Effectiveness


In a recent blog, we talked about productivity in the back office being vital to good customer engagement in the front office. For many enterprises, especially those in service-based industries like banking, mortgage origination and insurance, the back office is at the very heart of the business where most of the value is actually created for customers. The customer may conduct transactions with the front office, but there’s important work getting done in the back office, and it shows itself in the form of the quality and speed of service being provided to the customer. bocalculator

That’s why the back office is increasingly being recognized as a corporate asset that requires the same love and attention that the front office contact center is currently getting in the form of workforce optimization tools.  Of course, the actual level of optimization being applied in the back office varies greatly by organization.  In order to introduce a standard for describing the current level of automation, Aspect has developed a set of 8 key benchmarks that collectively define the current degree of back office automation. They are as follows:

  • Benchmark 1: Can monitor progress of work items throughout the back office process
  • Benchmark 2: Can see backlog of work at every step in the process
  • Benchmark 3: Can receive alerts when the operation is about to miss SLAs
  • Benchmark 4: Can easily reallocate work and re-deploy people in real-time to meet SLAs
  • Benchmark 5: Can accurately forecast need for back office staff
  • Benchmark 6: Can automatically schedule back office staff for specific tasks based on skill
  • Benchmark 7: Can see adherence of back office staff to scheduled tasks in real-time
  • Benchmark 8: Can track employee and team performance in real-time

If you can say “yes, we can do that” to all of these benchmarks, you indeed have a remarkably automated and optimized back office. If you are like most and meet none or only a few of these benchmarks, you are missing the 20%-40% in cost savings you could be enjoying and settling for a significantly lower quality work product than you could be having.

Aspect has developed a simple on-line tool that will allow you to roughly estimate the benefits you can achieve from a fully automated back office based upon the benchmarks above. Go ahead and try it here. It will only take a few minutes of your time, and you may be amazed at what you are missing.


Robert Moore

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  1. Great points here. It’s important to find things that can do these things for you and to keep an eye out for them. Thanks for this list!

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