eBook: Your Retail Business Can Do Better


With the holidays right around the corner, there is no better time for retailers to embrace a new(ish) channel to reach their customers: text message. 97% of US smartphone users send at least one text a day and 75% of millennials prefer to text over make a phone call, which is why SMS and text messaging is a customer engagement goldmine for retailers. However, retailers might be missing out. According to an Internet Retailer study, the majority of retailers (71%) are not using SMS to engage their customers.

There is no doubt that SMS provides a wealth of opportunity for retailers. Beyond impacting the bottom line, SMS can enhance the customer’s experience by giving them the ability to receive discount offers, browse, shop, place orders and make customer service inquiries all from the palm of their hands. In fact, SMS produces engagement rates six to eight times higher than retailers normally achieve via email marketing.

Retailers who do not embrace SMS as a channel are without a doubt leaving money on the table. But, Aspect is here to help. We recently took a deep dive into the world of SMS and how it can impact retailers and have released an eBook titled‘5 Ways SMS Can Drive More Profitable Customer Engagement’.

The new eBook covers how SMS marketing outperforms email marketing efforts, how interactive text response meets consumer needs, and how smartphones drive more payments and purchases. To learn how to achieve better business outcomes, download the eBook here.