Drum Roll Please….Our Second GEM Award Winner


Last Friday we introduced the GEM Awards as well as our very first winner. And today, we want to introduce our second winner!

Our next winner comes from an airline that has continuously been rated the best for customer experience, something our winner (and all employees) should take great pride in. If you were thinking, ‘this has to be Southwest Airlines,’ you’re right!

We are proud to announce that Ross Cloud from Southwest Airlines is officially our second winner.

Ross was nominated by his colleagues who have this to say about him:

“Ross is knowledgeable about all Aspect products and puts all his effort into finding the root cause of Southwest Airlines’ Aspect-related issues. He has spent countless hours researching and learning how the products work at a “behind the scenes” level, learning the database structures, and the front-end uses for each product. Through our upgrade from 7.5 to 8.2 this month, Ross was able to closely work with the Aspect team to isolate and quickly troubleshoot problems during the cut over. He saved the teams countless hours of frustration and effort with his knowledge and expertise.

Ross primarily works with WFM, APM, AQM, RTA, and Empower. Because of his knowledge and skills, we have been able to get more valuable information out of our Aspect products and know that those numbers are accurate. We have also been able to quickly resolve issues that our team leaders or agents are having with the products. He is always prepared and willing to assist coworkers and leadership with their Aspect-related questions and able to help them get a firmer grasp on the products and their inner-workings.”

As part of Ross’ recognition, we will be sending him to our ACE 2018 where he will be recognized along with other GEM Award winners!

Do you have an employee who should be recognized for going the extra mile? Nominate them here!