You Don’t Need Tom Brady to Make it to the Super Bowl


At this point, it’s hard to argue with the labels. Dynasty. Legacy. Greatest of all time. When it comes to Tom Brady, Bill Belicheck and the New England Patriots, their place in history is already cemented (even with the recent ‘L’). But despite their run of success, Brady himself has only been to 7 Super Bowls. The record-holder has been to a staggering 35 Super Bowls.

His name is Dion Rich, and though he’s never played an NFL football game in his life, this fervent fan has made it his life’s work to sneak into the biggest game of the year. He has posed as a security guard, an NFL official, and even dressed like a woman in a series of elaborate ruses to not only find his way into the game, but onto the field to celebrate with the winners themselves.

While this story might seem irrelevant, there’s a simple truth here for all contact center leaders. You don’t need to be the biggest or most well-known organization in your market to compete with the Titans. Rather, it’s all about using what resources you have available to you and devising a strategy for following through on your mission.

By integrating cutting-edge contact center solutions into your organization, you’ll be able to defend your turf and provide the high-level of service expected by all consumers today. To learn more about how your organization can become a champion of customer experience, click here.

Rebecca Anderson

Rebecca Anderson writes on the latest research and trends related to the customer experience focusing on omni-channel and the agent experience. Rebecca provides strategy for Aspect’s social media and public relations objectives.