Five Key Takeaways From Deloitte’s 2017 Global Contact Center Survey


Every year, Deloitte releases an annual survey designed to gather insight from the rapidly evolving contact center landscape, offering leaders from within the industry greater knowledge and actionable intelligence into the trends that will impact their operations in the years to come.

This year’s survey brought in leaders from more than 450 contact centers from around the world. Their feedback provides critical guidance that can help you craft your strategies for success in 2018. Let’s take a closer look to learn at where these industry executives plan to invest in their contact center operations.

  1. If a picture is worth a thousand words, video is a gold mine: According to Deloitte’s findings, 31 percent of all organizations surveyed expect to be using video chat within the next two years, for an average of 8 percent of their interactions.
  2. If your machines aren’t learning, your business isn’t growing: Machine learning and automation have already drastically altered the contact center landscape, but contact center leaders see more room for growth and improvement. A third of contact centers plan to invest in robotics and process automation in the next two years. 56 percent, meanwhile plan to invest in artificial intelligence.
  3. The contact center is no place for wallflowers: Of course, your agents need to be sociable. But given this year’s survey results, your team is going to need to step up even further in the coming years. By 2019, Deloitte expects that 9 percent of all contact center contact interactions will be made via social media channels. This figure is a big reason that phone interactions will drop from 64 to 47 percent during this period.
  4. You must bring simplicity to a complex world: 85 percent of respondents to this year’s Deloitte survey believe that engagement will become even more complex over the next two years because of the continued shift to digitial. In order to adapt, you’ll need tools and processes in place to make these interactions significantly more seamless and less complex to foster an environment that provides stellar service.
  5. Nowhere to go but up: 93 percent of contact center executives polled by Deloitte stated that contact volume is likely to remain constant, or increase, in the coming years. What does this mean for your contact center? You’ve got to operate under the assumption that busy is the new baseline. To protect your bottom line, you’ll need to ensure that you can always meet demand while remaining flexible and scalable.

If your differentiator is customer service, you always need to stay a step ahead of the competition when it comes to deploying contact center software. To learn more about how your contact center can adapt for long-term success, check out more innovative contact center solutions.