Day One of Aspect ACE 2017: All About Digital Disruption


Unless you’re attending the Federal Bar Association’s Annual Tax Law conference, the first day of any company or trade event is always filled with excitement (sorry tax lawyers). The emcee is amped up, the anticipation is high and the conference is ready to get lit with tweets, hashtags, and hot takes. The first day of Aspect ACE, our annual customer event is no exception.

Yes, the day officially started at 5:30 am with a Total Body Workout, but for less ambitious, the majority of the show attendees’ day started when Aspect CMO Jim Freeze, the show’s emcee, took the stage at a more reasonable time of 8:30. The energy was high when Jim laid out the ACE agenda and session speakers for the next 2 and a half days and shared the attendee growth we’ve seen over the past 5 years. Many from the audience were here for the first time but many others were multi-year repeat attendees.

Jim Freeze - Day 1 ACE

The always engaging Stew Bloom, Aspect CEO, talked about the business and technology opportunities for digital transformation. He shared the external factors driving change such as new regulatory and compliance issues and changes in consumer behavior, later bringing up Brad Surak, Chief Product Officer at GE Digital who shared his insights on disruption and how GE was able to build a $1B digital business unit to better adapt in the digital age.

Stew Bloom - Day 1 ACE

Next, Chief Customer Strategy Officer Joe Gagnon shared his vision of the digital employee, telling the audience how the relationship between analog (agents) and digital (chatbots) employees have a symbiotic relationship. He also introduced how WFX – workforce experience – plays a vital role in the quality of the customer experience.

Joe Gagnon - Day 1 ACE

The morning concluded with Jim Freeze and SVP of R&D Mike Regan talking about how far Via, the company’s all-in-one Customer Engagement Center, has come since we announced it a year ago.

Mike Regan - Day 1 ACE

Enthusiasm stayed high heading into lunch because people do like to eat. But it remained high as the afternoon breakouts began on topics such as Modern IVR, the business case for chatbots, and several customer application stories.

You can follow along by tracking the event hashtag #AspectACE17.