CX in the Contact Center: The SaaS CX Show


Who is your customer?  And perhaps more importantly, what would it take to keep that customer for a lifetime?  Aspect CEO, Patrick Dennis recently had an opportunity to sit with Frank Bria, host of The SaaS CX Show. They spent roughly 30 minutes discussing CX in the contact center. Patrick shared some valuable information that may shift the way you think about customer experience and satisfaction as a whole.   

It starts with instead of viewing customer interactions as transactions view them as a relationship. Changing your focus can help improve the overall experience, for each customer on a personal level.  

Patrick pondered how organizations evaluate how engaged customers actually areThere is a macro view and a micro view. And shared a macro math problem.  The final answer might surprise you. You can’t lose track of the macro, but really need to dig into the micro  

Finally, Patrick discussed the benefits of an omnichannel contact center.  Businesses can improve customer experience by focusing on how the customer wants to interact with them. People change their preferences over a year and even over a single day. The key is that the interaction is consistent across channels since the same customer could use different channels depending on the circumstance. So, when building a contact center, companies should adapt accordingly. 

Listen to the podcast to hear the full conversation.