Customers Still Find Themselves Looking for Love


Customers who have contacted customer service have elevated expectations of the brands with whom they do business — as well as continued frustrations.

These are the conclusions we reached following  a recent survey conducted earlier this year to learn customers’ attitudes about the kind of service they receive. You may recall I mentioned this survey last month when I pointed out that 42% of customers told us that they would rather stand in line at the DMV than contact customer service. This fact, as well as other key findings from the survey, are highlighted in the infographic below.

Being aware of the problem means we have the opportunity to look for solutions, and customers seem to be asking for consistent service from the channels of their choice. With the right tools and a company-wide commitment to focusing on the customer, that’s something we should all be able to deliver.



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  1. Bravo. One of the most emotion-evoking info-graphics I have ever witnessed. Great thought/love leadership from Aspect.

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