Spotlighting the Benefits of Adopting Centralization to Alleviate Provider Fear


Advances in information technology software and telephony systems have led to a transformation in how hospital systems deliver patient care and increase patient satisfaction. Similar to many other industries, changes in healthcare can trigger fear in patients, front-end staff, and clinical providers. Change …



At age 21, SMS text messaging is finally growing up. Time for big business. Time for business2consumer communication. Finally! But let’s have a closer look at how SMS is predominantly used today.

Do you get prescription reminders from your pharmacy, or appointment reminders from your clinic? …

What Marketers Can Learn From the Customer Experience


Customer service experiences are a universal frustration. Chances are most of us can rattle off a bad customer service experience without a moment’s hesitation. According to the results of a new consumer survey from Aspect, our customer service expectations have increased in the past three …