Isn’t it time we gave our employees the same technology we provide our customers?


Inside many businesses, especially at enterprise scale, sales teams are often referred to as “customers” by marketing and support personnel who provide services or “products” such as collateral, training, etc. to create a deliverable for an external customer. 

Aspect’s customers are companies who operate contact centers …

Direct Marketing Company Pivots to the Cloud for More Agile Customer Service


Market changes were impacting the customer service operations division at ResourceOne, a direct marketing company. After much research, ResourceOne came to the conclusion that pivoting their business operations to the cloud would make it possible for them to deliver more agile customer service and to …

Introducing Aspect Via: The complete customer engagement center in the cloud


The era of managing customer contact through lightly-integrated point solutions is over. Aspect realizes that cobbled together customer service operations just cannot meet the expectations of today’s connected, intelligent and demanding consumers. That is why we recently introduced Aspect® Via™, the complete customer engagement center …

How Proactive, Omni-Channel Care Improves Collection Rates


Forty-three percent (43%) of consumers say having multiple billing and payment options improves satisfaction with their biller. (Fiserv, Inc.) When those options are seamlessly managed across different channels in a way that presents your business as a single, customer-focused entity, your chance of successfully collecting …

No Service Is The New Service: Bots, VRM and Delegating To Myself


I make jokes regularly in the office about how I’m going to use Aspect’s interactive text response and natural language understanding platform to build an AlyxBot that will attend meetings for me and report back. (If any of my coworkers are reading this and feel …