Customer engagement in the digital age – breaking free from limitations


Today’s digitally-focused environment has drastically changed customer expectations when they’re getting in touch with a business. In a landscape where they’ve got a world of information at their fingertips whenever and wherever they want, old ways of engaging with customers will no longer be adequate.

Companies now need to be available 24/7 on whatever channel consumers are more comfortable using. They need to provide strong self-service solutions, as well as knowledgeable, capable agents for more complex interactions. And they need to do it all at a time when demand to become more efficient and cost-effective is high.

Today’s customer engagement strategies therefore mustn’t be held back by the boundaries of the past. Businesses need a limitless, omni-channel strategy that can engage with customers on any platform, at any time.

Introducing Aspect Via

Aspect Via is the latest solution to transform the contact centre into a complete customer engagement centre. The cloud-based solution offers all the tools businesses need to take control of these activities and ensure they’re providing the services today’s customers expect.

To celebrate the launch, we’ll be hosting an interactive online roundtable on Tuesday April 4th. Experts from across the customer engagement industry will be on hand to discuss what this means in a time of digital transformation.

As well as Aspect’s senior vice-president for Europe and Africa Stephen Ball and cloud solutions expert Chris Streete, Gerald McGauley from Sysnet Global Solutions and Bloor analyst David Norfolk will be participating in the session to offer their expertise and advice.

Engagement without boundaries

They’ll be discussing what the digital transformation means for companies and how the state of customer engagement today needs to change to keep up with this. They will also be discussing some of the unique challenge and opportunities being seen by companies in different verticals.

We’ll also be asked what we really mean by customer engagement in the modern age, as this is a term that may have very different definitions to different businesses. For instance, is it about giving consumers the self-service tools they need to manage their account without the need to speak to an agent, or does it demand a more proactive approach that sees companies reach out through channels like social media?

A key focus of the discussion will be what an up-to-date customer engagement strategy will look like. Our panel will be debating what new innovations and technologies are set to cause disruption to the industry in the coming years and what it will mean for traditional methods of engagement such as the call centre.

Making the transition a success

We’ll also be looking closely at what businesses need to do to ensure that their move from contact centre to customer engagement centre is successful. While having technology tools such as Aspect via will of course be at the heart of this, it’s also vital that businesses understand how to implement these, how to make the most of new functionality and how to ensure agents are well-equipped to deal with the transformation.

Key questions will include what departments and employees need to be involved in the rollout of a customer engagement centre and what cultural changes – if any – firms will need to make.

Overhauling customer engagement for the digital era will be one of the most important transformations any business needs in order to meet evolving customer demands. To find out more about how to do this, and what it will mean for your business, join us on CrowdChat on Tuesday April 4th at 10am.