Customer Engagement Center Series: Service Intelligence


Let’s recap what we’ve covered thus far in our customer engagement center series

We’ve defined the value and need for a customer engagement center and we’ve discussed the following capabilities: self-service, omni-channel customer experience, and proactive outreach. Today, we are continuing with service intelligence.

Simply connecting a call to the next available agent is no longer enough to satisfy the customer and it does not provide any benefit to the contact center. Customer’s want to be put through to the agent who is best suited to handle their particular need or question. And as contact centers work to improve first call resolution, customer satisfaction rates and other call center productivity metrics, it is essential that they tailor the customer experience. Service intelligence and skill based routing enables companies to do just that.

The 2016 Aspect Consumer Experience Index study found that 67 percent of consumers feel a personalized customer service experience is more important than speed of service. By using interaction and customer data, personal preferences, and segmentation data, contact centers can personalize each interaction with their customer to make sure they are routing and managing their calls in the most efficient manner.

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Chris O'Brien