Customer Engagement Center Series: Proactive Outreach


Last week, we covered the omni-channel customer service experience as part of our customer engagement center series and this week we are continuing along the same line with proactive outreach.

We’ve discussed the ‘Now Consumer’ before, and how what consumers want and expect out of customer service has evolved I for one can attest to this. I hate to admit it, but if my bank didn’t send me alerts reminding me to pay my bills, I’m sure my payments would be late far too often. And if my hair salon didn’t send me a text two days before my appointment, there’s a chance I wouldn’t show. I could go on and on, but I think I’ve made my point. The companies I enjoy working with the most, make it easy to fit into my life.  And that is exactly what proactive outreach is intended to do.

Companies should anticipate their customer’s needs and get in front of them with a timely and personalized message. Organizations shouldn’t just meet their customer’s expectations, the should exceed them. Even the smallest customer engagement experience, like my gym reminding me when I sign up for a work out class, can make a customer feel more valued, known, and respected. Better yet, customers who feel this way are likely to remain loyal to your business and even become a brand advocate.

Curious about proactive outreach? You can learn more here.