Customer Engagement Center Capabilities: Reporting and Analytics


Omni-channel interactions within the contact center enable businesses to generate more data than they ever have before. But, if companies are unable to make sense of that data it’s about as useful as it was if it had never been collected in the first place. Data only benefits companies if it provides insights that they can grow and learn from, and that is exactly what the reporting and analytics feature of Aspect Via was created to do.

Aspect Via is built to sift through the aggregated data and turn it into valuable information companies can use to drive efficiency and service improvement. By utilizing end to end reporting companies can see how each facet of the organization relies on the others for high performance. From omni-channel self-service to performance management, Aspect Via connects the data with a simple, visual analysis.

Aspect Via Reporting & Analytics is built on a HTML5 foundation to provide a dynamic experience for every user, allowing them to:

  • Visualize data across all channels and drill down for more granularity
  • Display results in a wide variety of graphs, reports and visualizations including word clouds
  • Personalize, role-based UX for agents, team leads, and administrators
  • Agents, Supervisors and Administrators can view the KPIs and custom statistics most important to their roles through the same intuitive, modern user interface

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