Customer Engagement Center Capabilities: Omni-Channel Service & Intelligence


Continuing with our series on the capabilities of a customer engagement center, this week’s deep-dive focuses on the importance of an omni-channel customer service experience.

The world today is not the same world we knew 15 years ago. The average customer in the early aughts typically used no more than two touch points when buying an item, and only 7% used more than four. Today, the average is six. (Marketing Week)

One of the top complaints customers have about substandard service is being asked to repeat the same information either when switching to a different channel (e.g., an interaction that starts with an online chat and progresses to a phone call), or when being transferred to a different agent or department within the same company. The growing presence of technology in our lives has created and fueled our demand for omni-channel interactions that are just as smooth, seamless, intuitive and non-disruptive as a website that remembers our last purchase, or a car that remembers our climate control settings. Our technology is evolving to “know” us better, and we expect the same recognition from companies we do business with.

Omni-channel service also means giving your customer the option to choose a channel that works best for them, whether it’s voice, email, web chat, SMS, social messaging, or a mobile app. The common thread involves keeping the customer on a journey that is as effortless as possible, A consistent and seamless cross-channel experience helps turn routine interactions into strong customer connections.

Chris O'Brien