Is your Contact Center Millennial Ready?


For a Millennial, impatience is not a flaw but a virtue. Digital abundance has made standing in a queue and waiting for things, both virtual and physical, a thing of the past.

According to a Forrester research, 66% of customers agree that valuing their time is the best thing that companies can offer in the name of good service.  Similarly, an Aspect Omnibus survey says, around 72% of customers admit that they stopped doing business with a company due to bad service experiences. This clearly goes on to show that a business is as good as the customer experience it provides. With rise in smartphone adoption, experiences have gone beyond contact center or in-store, brands are experienced 24×7, across touchpoints like an app, a website, social platforms and even through comments on the web. The challenge of exceeding customer expectations and delivering seamless experience is rising, and managing context of conversations, which ultimately reaches a contact center desk, is becoming critical.

Seamless, tailored, innovative will be preferred

The discerning customers of today’s time prefer to be self-reliant. They would rather Google something on their smartphone than interact with a real person for assistance and information. A Gartner report estimates that by 2017, around 35% of customer support interactions will take place on a mobile device. Customer Engagement strategies are being customized by organizations to meet these preferences and expectations. Another key rise in customer preference is towards voice. Google has gone on record and said that over 20% of searches are conducted using voice control and the number is only increasing as more and more searches become conversational. Looks like Voice Biometrics and Speech Recognition are going to give way to conversation engagement.

But by just being ready with options of conversations your customer prefers is not enough. Customer’s preference of channel can change fast and expectation from businesses to “Wow” them on new channel will become the need. Businesses need to be agile and flexible enough to integrate with existing channels and appear seamless. Siloed or broken conversation between platforms can do more damage than not having that platform live for customers. Businesses also need to be innovative and proactive. Rather than customers bringing forth their preferences, businesses should give them options of engagements tailored for their needs.

Another finding in Aspect’s Omnibus survey highlights that 73% of customers would rather have companies offering services that would enable them to resolve their issues through self-service. This is different than what businesses have been working so far on. Here customer doesn’t want to interact and businesses must enable them to do so as Self-Service has become the way to be engaged. Self-Service is not a platform of communication, but enablement.

Should enterprises wait for these adoptions to further rise or get in action, and start preparing now so as to be ready to ride the wave of Next Gen revolution? That’s the question businesses need to answer.

Assistance. Attention. Amazement.

By leveraging the Next-Gen Self-Service solutions, companies can provide their customers with customized attention and assistance that they seek without them having to interact with call center executives. Your business can gain a competitive advantage by enhancing customer loyalty, optimizing your services, and reducing contact center costs. An interactive automated assistant can redefine how customers interact with call centers. By providing faster and easier access of information through omni-channel solutions to your customers, businesses can actually amaze them. The future of self-service can be re-imagined to be experienced like never before.

At this year’s Gartner Symposium, we are proud to announce the launch of a Next-Gen Customer Engagement platform in India through an exclusive session by Aspect Software. For businesses present at Gartner Symposium, Goa, on Nov 16, there is a lot to be explored. It’s time to create a whole new era of self-service and build base of self-reliant customers.

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