Contact Center Leaders: What Customers Expect This Holiday Season


The value of providing a consistent, superior contact center experience is an essential part of any company’s strategy for success. While this holds true throughout the year, the spotlight shines especially bright on contact centers during the holiday season. Consumer spending surges between Black Friday and into the New Year, meaning that contact center leaders must plan for a spike in volume too. As market conditions change, your contact center must adapt accordingly.

Holiday Customer Service

But it isn’t enough to simply put more agents on your schedule to account for the holiday rush. You should build your holiday strategy in accordance with the expectations of customers themselves. Take the stress out of your customers’ busy holiday planning and you will likely be rewarded with repeat business in the future. Failure to provide a stellar experience, on the other hand, can tarnish your brand irreparably.  So what do customers expect from you?

Broad self-service solutions: Many customers today attempt to solve an issue autonomously before reaching out to your agents. In order to accommodate as many of these individuals as possible, offer a wide variety of self-service options: interactive voice response systems, chatbots, SMS customer service for mobile users and email support are just a few ways you can give your customers what they want.

Channel integration: More complex inquiries don’t always get resolved on first contact. In order to alleviate your customer’s frustration, it is important to ensure a seamless omni-channel experience as your customer continues on their path to resolution. If you can resolve a painstaking problem without asking your customer to repeat themselves to every agent they speak with, your contact center can emerge from the interaction looking like you saved the day.

Social media engagement: In recent years, social media channels have become hubs in which digital commerce thrives. The direct line of communication that customers have with your brand via social media makes the channel ideal for personalized engagement. Communicating over social media can provide your agents an opportunity to proactively resolve complaints before an individual contacts you directly, turning a negative into a positive—for all to see!

Understanding your customers’ expectations will make helping them resolve inquiries much easier. But it isn’t enough to simply understand those expectations—you’ll now need to actually meet those expectations. Integrate cutting-edge contact center solutions to give your agents the tools they need to meet the needs of your customers.

Chris O'Brien