Contact Center Leaders: Is Your Back Office Ready for the Holiday Rush?


Businesses had plenty to be thankful for this past Thanksgiving—according to MarketWatch, American consumers spent $1.93 billion during the holiday, an 11.5 percent increase from last year. To follow up the strong Thanksgiving sales numbers, Black Friday and Cyber Monday spending hit $5 billion for the first time ever. But the shopping spree isn’t over yet. The month of December alone is poised to push record-breaking holiday spending even higher. holidays-at-the-office

While business leaders should certainly be satisfied to see these spending numbers, it shouldn’t be used as an excuse to coast through the rest of the year either. When you earn a sale, it shouldn’t be considered a gift. The transaction comes with a set of expectations that your organization will provide superior service throughout the entire customer journey.

Your contact center is the motor driving quality customer support. But it isn’t enough to simply increase the number of agents on your schedule. They’re only part of the solution. The entire contact center must be optimized to run at peak efficiency during the holiday rush, and that includes your back office too. Just because they don’t have direct contact with customers, their role will be every bit as important to the success of your organization this holiday season.

Integrating back office software can provide tremendous benefits for your back office personnel as your contact center engages with customers during the holiday rush. Here’s how:

Even though your agents are the ones engaging directly with your customers, many of their inquiries are due to questions related to the back office. Shipping problems, billing issues and a variety of other back office processes can lead to poor customer service. As a result, your back office must be ready to meet the influx of holiday requests without missing a beat.

Back office contact center solutions can help your administrative personnel manage their workflow to disseminate tasks appropriately in real-time, giving responsibilities to the individuals most suited to address them. Streamlining workflow is critical to ensure seamless operations to help mitigate the risk of problems down the road.

Back office software can also be used to analyze your contact center’s staffing needs in real-time. Given the volume that contact centers experience during the holidays, knowing how and when to scale your staff will ensure that customers can enjoy hasty resolutions.

In addition, back office software can be integrated to work in conjunction with front office quality management software, giving management more thorough insights into how the contact center is operating. Even though the front and back office may have different roles, blending them with specialized software can lead to a more cohesive strategy for exceeding customer expectations.

To make sure your business closes out 2016 on a high note, make sure that your back office personnel—and the rest of your contact center—has all the software needed to meet the expectations of your customers.

Chris O'Brien