Contact Center Leaders: If You’re Not Early You’re Late


It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about a job interview, a team meeting or your annual physical. The saying holds true no matter what the occasion: if you’re not early you’re late. In order to prepare for all the obstacles that life is certain to throw in your path, you’ve got to be proactive, strategic and measured.

So as we collectively set our clocks forward this Spring, we are reminded that it’s time to slough off the Winter weather and let 2018 kick into high gear. And while many organizations won’t initiate a strategy to last through year’s end until the middle of Summer, if you’re not early you’re late.

If you want to be ahead of the game when the snow settles after the holiday rush at the end of 2018, you have to get a head start. Like a seed planted for harvesting in the Fall, there are several ways that you can gear up for a bountiful close to the year.

  • Track call volumes to predict staffing needs: Your staffing and call volume must have a harmonic relationship in order to provide stellar service. Begin using advanced metrics and predictive solutions now so you can develop a baseline for data-driven strategies to be deployed down the road.
  • Meet your customer halfway: You’re less likely to be late if you meet halfway. Take care now to cultivate a strong presence on social media and integrate innovative IVR solutions so that your customers can save themselves time while affording your agents the same luxury.
  • Don’t just be early, be an early adopter: If you don’t want to simply be early, set the time of the meeting yourself. Early adopters in the contact center industry set the pace of change. Be bold and take on new ways to provide better customer service than the competition. Make them the ones who have to show up just in time. Can a chatbot provide a new angle for customer engagement? Are your agents exposed to exciting opportunities with virtual reality technology? Try something ambitious and new now to give yourself a leg up heading into next year.

We don’t want to hear any excuses about getting tripped up by Daylight Savings Time. If you’re not early you’re late. To get ahead, you’ve got to leverage the industry’s leading contact center solutions.