Contact Center Leaders: Are Your Managers Ready for Black Friday?


The holidays might be considered to be the most wonderful time of the year, but for contact center managers the end of year blitz can be a tremendous tribulation. As explained in Part 1 of this series, year-end sales are anticipated to surge as consumers get ready for the holidays. But an increase in sales revenue means that contact center managers should anticipate a greater influx of customer inquiries as well. In addition, contact center managers must be prepared for the logistical considerations that come with staffing during a time of year when many employees like to take vacation time.

contact center holiday service

The role of any organization’s contact center is to ensure that the business’ clients get what they need. But that function cannot be accomplished if contact center managers don’t have the tools they need to foster a working environment that can rise to the occasion.

In order to meet the rigors of the holiday season, consider integrating contact center solutions to support your managers. Here are just a few of the ways that you can lend a hand to your managers for the end-of-year rush.

Incorporate performance management software: In order to provide quality and consistent service, managers must ensure that agents are all following standard best practices during interactions with customers. But contact center managers can’t track every agent’s performance separately. By leveraging performance management software, managers can get a broader view of how their agents are performing by collecting, correlating and displaying metrics for all of the employees under their supervision.

Streamline your staffing processes: When staffing for the holiday season, contact center managers are stuck between a rock and a hard place. On one hand, the contact center may need to scale up to accommodate a greater number of customer inquiries. On the other, many agents schedule their time off during the holiday season. This can make staffing one of the biggest challenges for managers. Streamline the staffing process by giving agents the power to autonomously set their schedules with a workforce management solution so they can work in tandem to meet the contact center’s needs, relieving managers of the task so they can focus on their other responsibilities.

During the holiday season, the spotlight shines brighter on contact centers than any other time of year. Customers rely on quality support to ensure their holiday plans go off without a hitch. And if your contact center is up to the task, your business can endear itself to customers and build lasting, lucrative relationships. Conversely, a failure to adapt to the holiday rush can lead to dissatisfied customers, a tarnished brand reputation and a strong likelihood that the holidays to come may not be so merry.

Next time, we’ll be addressing the ways in which innovative contact center software can support back-office administrators during the holiday season.

Chris O'Brien