Communications-Enabled Business Processes Meets Your Contact Center …


Michael Sheridan, Executive VP, Worldwide SalesEarlier this year, we announced our commitment to Unified Communications (UC) for the Contact Center. Shortly thereafter, Aspect Software signed an agreement with Microsoft to accelerate that strategy.  Since that time, we’ve been working diligently to educate our customers and the industry about the value of UC.

Now we are extremely pleased to share with you the next step in executing on our strategy.  We are adding IT-ready, software-based capabilities to our contact center solutions so that we can communications-enable business (CEBP) processes.

How are we doing this?

This morning, we publicly announced that we have acquired the intellectual property of BlueNote Networks, a company that provides open, flexible and scalable software solutions that deliver a rich set of telephony and other multimedia communication services. As a result, we will soon be able to fully leverage BlueNote’s award-winning technology to help you further enhance the way you implement your Unified Communications for the Contact Center strategy.

Right about now, you’re probably wondering what, exactly, this means and how it can impact your customer-facing interactions.

First, let me say that it doesn’t matter whether your contact center is focused on service, sales or collections – communications-enabling your processes can enhance your customers’ experiences, increase first call resolution rates and improve agent productivity. While these processes are well defined and thoroughly measured in the contact center, they are less well defined or measured throughout the rest of the enterprise. The opportunity, with the combination of the intellectual property from BlueNote along with the Aspect product set and customer knowledge, is to address that gap.

From a technology perspective, this may allow your organization to more easily:

  • Take advantage of the combined features of session initiation protocol (SIP) and Web services to better drive innovation in your contact center and across your enterprise, while lowering the cost and complexity of enterprise voice, video and data services.
  • Enhance SIP-based voice, video and other real-time interactive communication services within the contact center, as well as extend out to the enterprise.
  • Introduce video as an interaction channel for your consumers.

This concept of bringing business processes together with communications technologies is not really new to contact centers or to Aspect.  For more than 35 years, communications-enabling customer interactions has been our focus.  By incorporating these new capabilities into our offerings, we will be able to extend the learning from those 35 years to the rest of your organization.

What does communications enabling business processes mean to your business?

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