Cloud: enabling contact centre AI


Over the last few years, artificial intelligence has been one of the biggest buzzwords in the contact centre and the tech world in general, with more and more organisations understanding the benefits that it can bring. Whether it’s improved efficiencies, cost reductions or improvements to business processes, AI has huge promise.

But how can companies properly implement AI in the contact centre? Key to this transformation is the progression of companies from on-premise IT infrastructure, to the more agile and technologically versatile cloud. Cloud platforms greatly simplify the implementation and integration of new and often complex technologies, as minimal on-site work is needed and cloud capabilities can be launched in quick time.

Not only is this initially much easier than building on-site AI capability from scratch, but a good platform will be constantly updated and tweaked in line with the latest developments. This means that organisations can continuously access the very best of AI tech, while focusing on more human priorities such as embedding the right organisational culture or training staff in how to make use of these capabilities. It also doesn’t require too much in terms of in-house technical skills, as providers can take the responsibility for building and maintaining the architecture.

The benefits of having AI and machine learning technologies in the contact centre aren’t just limited to improved customer service operations either. Such tech increases engagement and productivity among agents, by helping them streamline processes and take advantage of automation capabilities. At the same time, AI has been instrumental in the rise of self-service options that enable customer queries to be addressed swiftly, which benefits both your customers and your staff. It’s no secret that happy agents deliver better service, and AI has the ability to help make this happen.

We believe cloud will continue to be a great enabler of artificial intelligence in 2019. If businesses take steps to make the most of cloud, the rewards to be reaped are plentiful.

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Stephen Ball

Steve Joined Aspect in December 2015 with responsibility for the Europe & Africa region.

Steve has held leadership roles in Computacenter, EMC, Orange, and most recently as RVP for Hitachi Data Systems, where he was responsible for leading HDS regional restructure and Transformation, succeeding in driving growth and market share.

Steve is passionate about delivering world class Customer Service, Technology and hiring and developing great people. He believes how you engage with your customer defines the success of any business, with the client demanding ease of interaction, when they want it and how they want it.

With a simple view that focusses on these three areas, Aspect is ideally positioned to accelerate its growth and Market share. Steve is working with the EA leadership team to create a plan and vision for Aspect EA that underpins the competitive advantage that the Aspect suite of software provides to its clients.