Chatbot Saves Drivers $4 Million in Parking Ticket Fines


If you thought chatbots were just for shopping advice, think again. The underlying technology behind the sociable software has become immensely powerful, intuitive, and is starting to enter into a number of industries typically reserved for highly skilled individuals with numerous diplomas.

Take the case of DoNotPay, a free app featuring what its creator calls, “the world’s first robot laywer.” The app uses a chatbot to guide individuals with parking tickets through a series of questions to help them determine whether or not they can appeal their cases.

And in less than two years, the results have been staggering. In only 21 months, the judicious chatbot provided pro bono legal services to 250,000 drivers. More noteworthy, however, is the fact that the bot actually won 160,000 of the cases, for a 64 percent success rate. In total, drivers in New York and London with access to the service were able to save $4 million in appealed court fees and fines.

The creator of the app is a teenager at Stanford University who, himself, racked up 30 parking tickets around his hometown of London. That’s when the self-taught coder decided to get to work.

Here’s the takeaway: if a self-taught teenager can use one bot to help 160,000 people save $4 million over the course of 21 months, imagine what your company could do by implementing a chatbot built to improve your bottom line.