Celebrate International Coffee Day with Us and Perk Up Your CX


Did you know that today is International Coffee Day? Add some pep to your step (and your IVR) with our new Coffee Break web series, Modern IVR: Perk Up Your CX. When you register, you’ll receive one ultra-focused 10 minute session directly to your inbox each day for 5 days. Complete the full series and get a $5.00 Starbucks Card on us. Is there a better way to celebrate? We don’t think so!

Coffee Break

Join us for the series as we examine five top concepts from the Aspect IVR Innovation Wheel:

  • Discover how context continuity ensures your callers will never have to repeat themselves again
  • Learn how you can predict the reason for a call through smart integration with your customer systems of record, making your IVR much more useful and efficient as a result
  • Gain knowledge on proactive outreach and the benefits of contacting your customers before they contact you
  • Learn how Visual IVR allows your menu options to come to life, drastically shortening call times and increasing first call resolution
  • Understand how Text2IVR can help you significantly lower your cost, while making transactions much shorter for your callers

Take a break and get the facts – you deserve it.

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