Calculating the True Cost of Unnecessary Truck Rolls on Service and Repair Calls


Anyone in the utility industry knows how expensive it is to roll a truck. From labor costs to fuel and maintenance, to the cost of lost productivity when a truck is committed to a call it can’t complete. In addition to these kinds of tangible expenses, it’s important to consider the impact that a frustrating customer experience can have on satisfaction rates and long-term loyalty. Life happens. Customers lose track of appointments. And, having to call and reschedule after a truck roll can be just as frustrating to your customers as it is to you. utilities-customer-service

One solution we’ve identified can actually help reduce or eliminate unnecessary truck rolls while improving two-way communication with your customers and reducing the number of inbound calls your service department handles.

By integrating with the existing customer care and field service systems a business already has in place, Aspect’s solution can deliver:

  • Automated, actionable appointment reminders
  • Self-service access to estimated arrival times
  • Ability to instantly confirm or reschedule service times via SMS

The 2016 Aspect Consumer Experience Index found that customers increasingly prefer to resolve moderately simple customer service tasks such as checking their order status and rescheduling an appointment through self-service channels. In fact, 73% of those surveyed wished companies offered more ways for them to solve service issues on their own (via self-service.) When businesses empower consumers to use their channel of choice, customers tend to be far more pleased with the overall experience.

Scheduling on-site service or maintenance doesn’t have to result in unnecessary costs or frustrations. When life happens for your customers, providing a simple way to communicate with your company can help ensure that they remain happy, loyal customers – and that’s a true benefit to your bottom line.