Building Long-Term Loyalty Through Proactive Customer Engagement


To truly build long-term customer loyalty, companies need to move from transactional interactions with their customers to building company-customer relationships. The first step to building these relationships is engaging with customers beyond basic one-way dialogs. Customers don’t feel valued when they have to take the time to contact the companies they do business with about issues that the company should already know about like service outages. At the same time, sending out mass text messages with no way to respond doesn’t give your customers warm fuzzy feelings either. When proactive outreach is done right it can help organizations maximize productivity, customer satisfaction and contributions to the bottom line.

Examples of proactive outbound campaigns include collections, surveys, reminders, notifications, and confirmations. These interactions also lend themselves to effective delivery via self-service. And, when done within an omni-channel experience, they can provide a more interactive communication channel resulting in higher completion rates and more customer comfort.

Aspect CXP Proactive Engagement enables customers to completely manage outbound campaigns within PES and trigger and manage proactive CXP customer interactions from its friendly, fully featured web interface.

What are the benefits of Proactive Engagement?

  • Improve Customer Service: – With effective proactive engagement, customers should be able to receive the latest information on the channel they prefer and seamlessly respond through the same channel.
  • Cost Savings – Proactive customer engagement can dramatically reduce the amount of requests for live service because customers get current and consistent information on time. With the interactive capabilities, proactive campaigns can also collect customer responses and automate standard processes like confirmation of a delivery date, payment etc. Even “call me now” responses can improve the right party contact ratio of outbound teams.
  • Flexibility: Cloud-based solutions add additional benefits to proactive communication and companies do not need to invest in any system infrastructure, or spend more than they need ahead of usage.

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