Building a Business Case for Social Customer Care


Jane Hendricks also recently pointed out, social customer care is not to be confused with social presence. Simply having a visible and active social presence in the form of a Twitter account, Facebook page and even a blog doesn’t  necessarily translate to an organization’s ability to provide customer service through the social channel.

It’s time to take another hard look at social media. Are you delivering the level of customer engagement and service through these channels that your customers expect?

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Chris O’Brien, Marketing Communications Writer, develops and designs content for a wide range of Aspect communications and social media applications. She continually monitors consumer trends to ensure that marketing messaging aligns with industry best practices and meets customer expectations.

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2 thoughts on “Building a Business Case for Social Customer Care

  1. Hi Christine,

    Congrats on your launch of Aspect Social. It may be interesting to share information on Aspect Social at Business Insider’s upcoming Social Commerce Summit.

    Please let me know if you have an interest.
    Lisa Deutsch

    1. Hi Lisa, thank you so much! Kathryn Burkhardt from our marketing team will reach out to you directly to discuss, so you can expect to hear from her soon.

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