Bringing Customer Service Back to Debt Collections


In the debt recovery field, how can companies differentiate themselves from competitors and still retain high collection rates? For CCS, a leading provider of business process outsourcing solutions, the answer came down to providing the best customer service experience possible for their clients.

CCS’ approach to service helped them grow into a company that generates 12 million outbound calls and services 2 million inbound calls monthly.

The company wanted to raise the bar even higher when it came to customer service. As a long-time customer of Aspect’s Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) solution, CCS needed a unified solution that would make sure agents were always available for their customer’s needs, even during daily spikes in volume.

CCS also needed a solution that could:

  • Improve “right party” contact rates and agent productivity through skills-based routing and more reliable answering machine detection
  • Provide an advanced capacity to blend inbound and outbound agents
  • Build campaign/list automation directly into the platform
  • Provide agents with dynamic scripting with immediate screen pop functionality
  • Generate thousands of outbound telephone contacts daily

Watch the video with CCS to hear how they solved specific challenges:

Watch the video

With the strength of our nearly twenty year partnership with CCS, we were able to roll out a Unified IP solution that allows their agents to focus on what’s really important—the customer.

CCS has reduced production time by 19% via list automation and agents have seen contact efficiency with the targeted party improve by 400%.

CCS agents are now able to connect with a greater volume of accounts due to improved answering machine detection and blended capabilities, leading to better collection rates. The manual loading and manipulation of campaign scripts throughout the day has been eliminated through automation and advanced list management (ALM) features.

Bruce Shapiro, SVP of Operations at CCS says, “We have seen improvements in our collection performance across all our clients. We attribute a key factor of this success to be the implementation of Aspect’s unified contact center solution into our collection operation.”

Learn more about how Aspect created unique solutions for CCS’ staff of over 1,000 associates by reading the case study about our partnership now.