Beyond IVR: A Crash Course in the Next Generation of Customer Self-Service


self-service crash course beyond IVRMy fifteen-year-old daughter has no patience. Growing up as a child of technology, she has no concept of a world without fast access to everything imaginable.  Whether it’s a YouTube explanation of an algebra concept she’s having trouble mastering, finding the answer to a random trivia question she and her older brother are arguing about or shopping online, she wants what she wants – and she expects it instantly. It turns out, she’s not alone. Much like my daughter, consumers have lost patience for waiting in line – both physically and digitally. They want their questions answered or their issue solved as quickly as possible, and on their terms.

In an effort to meet consumer demands and stay competitive, companies must look ahead to the latest trends in self-service that go beyond IVR. And while we all know it’s important to research the latest technology and trends, it takes valuable time. But who’s got the patience for that?

We have a solution:  A Crash Course in the Next Generation of Customer Self-Service

We’ve taken a standard webcast, concentrated it into five super-focused 10-minute sessions on the latest thinking and technology in the self-service industry. This power-packed crash course shares the latest advancement that are shaping the future of customer service. Less time, more intensity and ready to be watched in-between calls or even in those few minutes before you wrap up your day.

If you’ve got 10 minutes, you’ve got the time!  Register for the crash course, and we’ll deliver one session to your inbox each day for five days. Get ready to turn your customer experience into a competitive differentiator.

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