Better Workflow and Visibility Improves Service Experience for LifePlans Customers and Agents


Agents at LifePlans not only serve the needs of individual long-term care insurance or health plan members, they’re  often asked to interact with an extended “family” of external care associates – from relatives to doctors to clinical and non-clinical staff and resources alike. This adds layer upon layer of information for the contact center to track and analyze.

Reorganizing and reenergizing around a new customer experience strategy

Because of frequent outreach to schedule phone interviews with clients or conduct health assessments, outbound calls outnumbered inbound traffic five to one. Different departments used different processes involving intricate rules and requirements. And fragmented workgroups and activities without consistent workflows were bogged down by inefficiencies, which created a subpar customer and agent experience. LifePlans needed a solution that would help its agents manage these varied interactions and contacts.

To simplify, the company decided on a new solution that integrates Microsoft Dynamics CRM functions with Aspect’s unified interaction management platform.

Automated, intelligent inbound and outbound contact handling with proactive outreach

Unifying customer contact strategies and technologies has helped LifePlans overcome visibility and process challenges. From a single desktop view, agents can handle inbound and outbound calls and tasks.

Agents can also maintain a central customer record with interaction tracking that gives them a 360-degree view of customer data, including contact details for a plan member’s caregivers and support systems. And with IM, presence, social and collaboration, agents can quickly locate and transfer a contact to the agent who is best suited for the purpose at hand.

In short, agents are more productive, customers receive faster and more effective service and both are happier. Steve McIsaac, VP of Information Technology at LifePlans, summed up the transformation this way: “Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Aspect Unified IP has helped us improve customer care by creating a more efficient workflow for a better agent-customer experience.”

Read more in-depth about the solution in the LifePlans case study.

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Michael Kropidlowski