Asurion Improves the Agent Experience Through Mobility


An essential component to advancing the customer experience is to improve the agent experience. And an overwhelming number of contact center managers agree. The recent Aspect agent experience survey with Pelorus Research found that 74 percent of contact center managers believe a better agent user experience can improve the customer experience. The survey also found that:

  • 74% of contact center managers feel a better UI can improve error rates
  • 83% of contact center managers believe a better UI can reduce handle time
  • 70% of contact center managers say a better UI can improve agent effectiveness

Asurion, insurance leader in technology support and protection, is a firm believer in the connection between the contact center agent experience and customer satisfaction. Asurion made huge strides in 2016 to improve the agent experience through technology upgrades. One improvement area was in the contact center where managers were spending significant amounts of time receiving and approving requests for schedule changes from agents. This was largely due to Asurion having no effective way to communicate with agents in real-time, using agents’ preferred contact channels. As a result, agents were missing opportunities for voluntary time-off (VTO) and overtime (OT) because they were receiving the notifications too late to take advantage of them. workforce-mobile-case-study

Asurion deployed Aspect EQ™ Inform™ to help meet their needs around pro-active notifications initiated by key workforce management events. Asurion can now send out proactive push and desktop notifications via SMS and email. Asurion contact center management and their agents alike benefit from having control over notification preferences. The agents respond to the notifications using Aspect EQ™ Workforce Mobile™ and Aspect EQ™ Virtual Schedule Attendant™ (VSA). Workforce Mobile is an easy-to-use smartphone app that empowers agents to self-manage their schedules remotely from smart phones and tablet devices while they are “on the go.” Virtual Schedule Attendant is an IVR application that allows agents without smartphones to easily manage their schedules remotely.

Since implementing Aspect Inform, Asurion has experienced increased agent satisfaction, lower absenteeism, increased OT and VTO fill rates, reduced administration workload from dialing agents, decreased administration time from WFM teams entering exceptions, and gained the ability to quickly communicate to the agent population during emergencies.

These initiatives have resulted in:

  • 62% of agent population engaged in mobile, email and/or SMS
  • 23% of workforce schedule segments are being entered via VSA
  • Reduction of 2,500 administration man-hours annually
  • Increasing weekly toward their goal of 80%+ of agents engaged in mobile/email/SMS
    • One unit is already seeing 84% engagement with 2,500+ agents
  • Average of 35,000 notifications a week with a posted weekly high of 47,000 VSA covering Voluntary time off (VTO), Overtime (OT), Absent, Leave of absence (LOA )

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