Aspect Workforce Management Takes to the Cloud


Aspect is taking to the cloud again, and this time they’re taking their 40-year legacy of contact center workforce management with them.  With the availability of Aspect Essential and Aspect Via Enterprise cloud-based customer engagement platforms, Aspect is making Via Workforce Management (WFM) available as a standalone cloud-based solution.

Rather than taking their premises-based WFM solution and moving it to the cloud, as has been somewhat common in the industry, Aspect has completely refactored their Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for Amazon Web Services (AWS), eliminating the need for cumbersome upgrades and the complex integrations to third-party solutions that are typical with hosted products.

Aspect Via WFM offers all the advantages of a cloud-based contact center solution that today’s customer service professional expects.  Besides saying goodbye to disruptive upgrade processes due to Aspect Via WFM’s continuous delivery of new software releases and capabilities, users leave behind the worry of ongoing maintenance as that becomes the responsibility of Aspect.  Aspect Via WFM is appropriate for contact centers of all sizes, from the smallest to the largest.  The scalability offered by cloud-based Via WFM means that seats can be added, or removed, as necessary.  The problem of paying for unused resources is eliminated, as is the headache of trying to quickly add seats in contact centers on a high growth trajectory.

Aspect Via WFM brings with it all the capabilities Aspect’s premises-based solutions have come to expect, including inbound and outbound scheduling, the employee empower package for schedule bids and changes, adherence monitoring and more.  Mobile device and web browser accessibility to these and other advanced functions native to Via WFM has been greatly simplified thanks to the cloud.

Existing Aspect customers will find an easy upgrade path for moving from their hosted WFM or their premises-based WFM solution to Via WFM.  Similarly, customers using non-Aspect platforms now have access to Aspect’s 40 years of WFM experience by way of Aspect Via WFM.  The cloud delivery of Aspect Via WFM means it can now be acquired as a standalone solution.

There is no doubt that the global contact center industry is rapidly adopting cloud-based solutions for the reasons outlined above to ensure that they remain future-ready regardless of which direction the industry may take.  2016 research from the National Association of Call Centers (NACC) and Saddletree Research shows that cloud adoption in the U.S. contact center industry exceeded 52 percent, and ongoing 2017 research shows cloud adoption continues to grow at double-digit rates.  The availability of Aspect Via WFM couldn’t be more timely.

Aspect continues to reside among a small group of elite industry innovators who are fearless in their quest to push the envelope and keep the industry moving forward.  Among other recent examples of Aspect staying ahead of the curve is their launch of natural-language chatbots and the development of solutions that rely on machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) for continual development and enhancement.  With the introduction of Via WFM, Aspect is once again demonstrating its commitment to innovation as the industry continues to move into the cloud.