Aspect Via™ Innovation Video


Here at Aspect, we believe that the voice of the consumer has become too strong, too loud to be ignored. So, it’s simply not enough for a brand to say they’re listening. It’s time for companies to show their customers that they are being heard. For the past several years, consumers have told us that they expect to interact with the companies they do business with in ways that are convenient and easy for them using the channels they prefer. Companies not only need to keep up with these preferences to remain relevant but also need to make sure they have the best technology in place to satisfy their customer service agents and back office needs.

Our answer to this is Aspect Via, a customer engagement center complete with a set of native customer service capabilities, designed to integrate into the larger customer-driven enterprise

We took some time recently to chat with the people who architected and built Aspect Via™. Here’s why they think this cloud based customer engagement solution is one of the most innovative products Aspect has brought to market: