Aspect Mobility: The Foundation for a Convincing Mobile Customer Experience


Aspect MobilityFor over 7 years now, our Customer Experience Platform, Voxeo CXP, has been supporting omni-channel experiences with a “Design Once – Deploy Anywhere” methodology. Define your self-service business logic in a graphical drag&drag tool once and deploy it as an IVR, an ITR (Interactive Text Response) app on SMS or USSD, a mobile Web app, or an interactive (but automated) Twitter conversation. While the technology has been ready for years, companies are finally realizing a drastic shift in consumer engagement, where it is no longer customer care or marketing departments that define how to communicate and market to the customer, but the consumer themselves,  urging the businesses to constantly catch up. Empowered with connected devices that are rarely out of sight for the majority of us, the mobile consumer is more demanding than ever and dictating how they will communicate with businesses. With customer care channels exploding, this shift mandates a consistent experience across channels, which in turn mandates a platform that lets you manage this complexity.

I am happy to share that Aspect is more than ready to help you with this shift. We are releasing Aspect Mobility, a comprehensive suite for mobile contact center engagement. While our focus is on the customer experience, we also provide internal mobile solutions for productivity enhancements among agents and supervisors. It is not only your consumers that become more demanding…

At launch, the Aspect Mobility suite encompasses eight distinct mobile customer experience solutions that all complement your existing investment into mobile customer care infrastructure, never replace it. The platform underneath the majority of the solutions is award-winning Voxeo CXP. Delivered in the cloud (with an on-premise option as well) it can be a zero-touch deployment that means no risk for you. Start exploring what we have in store for you – literally, by browsing our brand-new Innovation Exchange. See an overview of the available solutions, or check out this handy diagram:

Aspect's Mobile Customer Care Solutions

Over the next weeks and months, we will introduce each of the solutions in more detail. Stay tuned – we are starting to take you on a journey to be ready for 2020. More to come.