Aspect joins forces with CallMiner for Engagement Analytics Lunch on Thursday 19th April


As part of our ongoing collaboration with CallMiner, we’re eagerly anticipating the Engagement Analytics Lunch we’ll be holding at the new Aspect offices on 19th April!

When it comes to customer engagement, modern businesses face a real need for speed and efficiency. Customers have come to expect a level of service that aligns with their hectic, always-on lifestyles, so businesses are having to adapt their own methods of working in order to meet this demand.

The key challenge here is learning how to understand these shifts in needs and requirements, and making the necessary changes before it’s too late. Crucial to achieving this understanding is working out how to extract as much intelligence as possible from your customers, colleagues and company as a whole.

  • Customers: How do you truly understand what a customer is looking for, wants or needs?
  • Colleagues: How can you monitor if they have the correct tools and support to carry out company strategies and serve customers as effectively as possible?
  • Company: How do you identify inefficient processes or wasted costs which might be making customer engagement more challenging?

By embracing Engagement Analytics, businesses gain the ability to learn and react rapidly to changes in demand and behaviour through automated analysis of voice and text conversations. When implemented to its full capability, such technology works across all channels and across all parts of the customer engagement equation, which makes life easier for both employees and the customers they serve.

We’re delighted to be welcoming Colin Whelan, Principal Solutions Consultant at Aspect, and Mark Lockyer, Sales Director at CallMiner, to speak at the event. Both are well-versed in the benefits of Engagement Analytics, and the key steps that businesses need to take to ensure that customers, colleagues and the company at large all have what they need to make the engagement process a success.

Colin and Mark will be holding a series of workshops and speaking sessions, designed to provide an in-depth view of the power of Engagement Analytics, including the importance of intelligence and how this can best be leveraged to help a company optimise its processes and increase customer satisfaction.

The event runs from 12pm to 2.15pm on Thursday 19th April. To register for a place, please click here.